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Cyclorama Dimensions

– Green Cyc – 26′ W x 20′ D x 10′
– White Cyc – 24′ W x 20′ D x 10′ H
*We don’t charge repainting fee!


– 5 Kino Flo Systems ParaBeam 410
– 5 Kino Flo Systems ParaBeam 210
– 5 Kino Flo Systems Image 47

Space Dimensions

The whole space is a complete square rounding up to 60 x 60 sq. ft. & 20 ft. ceiling Including divided sections.

360 Square Feet Space

No set should be cramped! That’s why we offer enough space for all your activities, without the risk of feeling claustrophobic!

Wireless Sound System

Good communication is vital while shooting. Our Bluetooth speaker will allow you to be heard and save your voice some strain!

Pre-Lit Green & White Cyclorama

Both of our cycloramas are Pre-Lit with 15 Kino Flo Systems. You can add yourself hours to your precious booking time.

Large Vehicle Loading Zone

Whether you’re ferrying a small recording set or a full-sized studio, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms!

Available Equipment Rental

Have you ordered any equipment from us? Variety of different packages + amazing coverage deals starting $49 per package.

Private Make Up Area

A little boost to morale can work wonders. Give your actors a bit of privacy and let them feel comfortable before they step on stage.

Controlled Air Conditioning

Lights, cameras.. hold on! Who cranked up the heat? No matter the weather – temperature is controlled by you!

Free Street & Lot Parking

No director can ask a whole crew to take the bus. We’re sure the people you work with will love ample parking spots!

Multifunctional Common Area

Time for a break; the perfect chance to take the edge off. Mingle, chat, and catch a breath in a space that was designed to relax.

Wireless High Speed Internet

Our high-speed wireless internet lets you post BTS photos with #amplacestudio note fast & with ease:)

Old-Fashion Freight Elevator

A timeless classic! Use it to transport your equipment or maybe add a touch of spooky to your next creation!

24/7 Gated Security

Your safety and that of your equipment are our primary concern. Leave all worries at the door and focus on the shoot!


Different projects and tools have different power requirements!
That’s why we split our studio into sections; so you can always find the kind of energy you need to be successful!


Tired of stressing over the safety of your car while you attend a recording session? Stop now!
Make use of our in-house parking lot, only a few steps away from the entrance!



In the early days of the video industry, only moguls could afford the quality and comfort that come with a film stage. That’s the past, though! AM Place was built to cater to all kinds of creatives, from the amateurs to the seasoned professionals!

Top of The Line Equipment

You won’t find any cranky old gear here!
After all, we strongly believe our clients deserve the best!

Comfortable High-Tech Spaces

From air conditioning to high-speed wifi, we treat our clients with care! 
That’s why they love us so much! 

Easy-To-Book Solutions

We hate over-complicated processes! 
One-click booking keeps the stress away and gives you more time for your project!