AM Place Has Over 20 Multifunctional Film Areas To Choose From Including A Green Screen Studio & White Screen Studio With All Amenities Included Reach Your Production Goals Effectively, Efficiently, & Affordably, The AM Place Way

Precisely planning all the resources needed just to be ready to shoot your next production masterpiece, such as what type of studio you’ll need to use (whether you’re looking for a green screen studio, white screen studio, etc.) while at the same time making sure the endless to do’s get done can be challenging.  

Making sure everything is in place to be more than ready to create and shoot a finished product that you’ve put your heart and soul into can be quite the task.  An intense amount of commitment, dedication and precious time is required to say the least.  

So it’s safe to say that the place you choose to create this very precious, close to your heart, production masterpiece is very important. Getting the studio that has the right environment, that’s available for your crazy, busy schedule along with all the amenities you need to create your production piece is not a walk in the park.  


Thankfully you don’t have to stress any longer because AM Place may be the spot you’ve been looking for to create your next production piece.  

AM Place Studio is dedicated to helping you achieve all your production goals, making sure you have the right set (we have a green studio, white studio and over 20 multifunctional areas to choose from), at a time that works with your busy schedule, along with all the amenities you’ll need to achieve your production goals for an extremely affordable price.  

AM Place could be the production spot you’ve been looking for all along!

Whatever the reason is that you’re in need of a studio, below are some specific details on AM Place’s green screen studio, white screen studio, and many multifunctional studio spaces available.  Along with the exact amenities that are all included in your rate, the pricing of our studios and how the process works (also if you’re interested how to book your spot today and be on your way to achieving your production goals).

1)  AM Place Has A Green Studio, A White Studio & Over 20 Multifunctional Areas, Giving You Lots of Studio Space To Choose From!

Any studio without sufficient space cannot be relied upon. Here at AM Place Studio, we pride ourselves on the large amount of 3,600 sq ft space we have available.  With over 20 multifunctional areas to choose from including a professional green screen for rent as well as a white studio for rent.  

Our green screen studio offers plenty of space with dimensions of 26W x 20D x 10H.  Our white screen studio also offers lots of working space with dimensions 24W x 20D x 10H.  

With all of the spaces available at AM Place Studio, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the space that is right for your production needs.

In addition to our numerous spaces available, we offer a wide range of amenities to help you accomplish your production goals which leads us to our next point….

2)  All Amenities Are 100% Included In The Rate You See On Our Site (No Surprising, Hidden Fees!)

With the wide range of all included amenities that come with all AM Place’s multifunctional studio rentals, green screen room rentals, white screen room rentals,  you’ll be able to reach your production goals efficiently, effectively and most importantly affordably.

We offer…

  • All Day Free Street Parking

What’s worse than being super tired after a long filming day to then have to walk a far distance, only to get to where you parked your car to find a big, annoying parking ticket smack dab on the dashboard or even worse, you car’s been towed.  

All you wanted to do was be able to get home, relax but now you have to deal with the annoyance of a towed care, or the headache of paying a hefty fine for that parking ticket…

Well, we’ve got some good news for you, with AM Place studio, you won’t have to worry about these oh so annoying parking issues.  AM Place’s Green Screen Studio Los Angeles offers free, secured parking, that is right at the building in our gated compound.

You can be at ease knowing you won’t have to walk long distances, and even better, won’t have to worry about being ticketed or towed (your car will still be in that same spot you parked it in).

We also have a freight elevator and loading dock to make getting all of your belongings inside quick and efficient so your energy can be used productively for shooting your production masterpiece.

  • 24 Hour Access Every Single Day Of The Year

Our studio is always open, 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Our 24 hour super convenient access allows you to choose the time of day that works best for your crazy schedule.  

Whether you work day or night, it’s your choice. You get to choose the hours that are best for you and once you have your studio time booked, no one can mess with it.

  • Comes With Free Complete Pre-Lighting

If you’re in need of a studio space, perhaps a pre-lit green screen studio rental in Los Angeles, or maybe a white screen studio rental, etc. – you’ll be happy to know that we provide easy to use 15 Kino Flo lighting systems in each of our Los Angeles studios.  We also offer fine tuning with our light fixtures to ensure all images are sharp and crystal clear.

  • Free, Fast Wi-Fi

Need a solid, fast internet connection?  No problem, we’ve got you covered, our internet speed is equipped to handle massive downloads, uploads, etc.

  • Cool, Comfortable Working Environment

Our facility is air conditioned to ensure a cool, comfortable working environment for you. After all you need to be comfortable in order to produce good quality work!

3)  We Offer Very Affordable Rates With No Hidden Fees – The Price You See Is The Price You Pay!

The best part about AM Place’s Green Screen Studio, white screen studio and all 20 multifunctional studios, is that you aren’t going to be charged an arm and a leg just to use them.  

And then on top of that expensive studio rate,  be charged for every additional item such as parking, lights, etc. –  which you may not even find out about until you get there.

At AM Place Studio, it’s our mission to help you achieve your production goals in the most efficient, effective and affordable way possible.  

Our day rates start at $59 and we even offer discounted rates starting at only $49 per hour.  This includes all of our many multifunctional studios including both our green screen studio and white screen studio!

To get the exact rate for the day/time you’re looking to book, check out our calendar here where you can actually book right now if you’re interested.

Which leads us to our next point…

4)  Our Booking Process Is Super Easy & Fast

You’ll just need to use the calendar on our site to find a day/time that works best for your schedule, then select the “confirm booking” button, fill out the form, and follow the prompts which should only take a few minutes.  

Or if you prefer to book the green screen studio, white studio, or any of our numerous multifunctional studios over the phone, you’ll just need to call  (747) 223-2483 and one of our customer support specialist will be glad to take care of you.  

Just like that, you’ll have your green screen studio/white screen studio/multifunctional studio spot secured and be on your way to creating your production masterpiece.

If you have questions or want more information feel free to give us a call at  (747) 223-2483 or fill out the contact form below.

If you are in need of a film and photo studio, where you can continuously work without interruption to accomplish your production goals in the most affordable, effective, and efficient way possible, look no further.  

Take action today and rent a green screen room studio Los Angeles, white screen studio, or any of AM Place’s many multifunctional film areas and be a step closer to accomplishing your production goals the smart, efficient, effective, AM Place way.

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If you have questions, simply fill out the contact form below or give us a call at (747) 223-2483 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.