AM Place Studio Is The Top Production Studio Space In Los Angeles With All Amenities Included To Create Your Next High Quality Professional Videos & Photos

Looking for a production studio space for rent in the Los Angeles area to create your next piece of art, such as, a uniquely entertaining, super professional video with a smooth backdrop? Or maybe you’re looking for a space to capture some quality photographs with just the right amount of light?

Whatever the reason is that you’re in need of a studio space for rent, the unique atmosphere, the huge amount of space (with over 3600 square feet and over 20 multifunctional areas to choose from), wide range of all inclusive amenities (free parking, equipment, etc.), 24 hour super convenient access that AM Place Studio offers, may be the perfect space you’ve been looking for to create your next production masterpiece.

Keep reading this to find out more specific details on what exactly gives AM Place an edge in the market making it a top video production studio rental spot to create your next production masterpiece such as the size/types of spaces we offer, the amenities included, how the process works, pricing, and if you’re interested how to book/secure your studio spot today.

1. Numerous Spacious Multifunctional Film-Set Areas

Here at AM place studio, there’s plenty of space available to make all sorts of shootings possible. Seriously, our warehouse for filming in the Los Angeles area has over 3,600 square feet with numerous multifunctional common areas for your convenience.   

We have a unique brick wall, that our clients in need of adding an urban feel, just love.  We also offer functional large white cyclorama (24W x 20D x 10H) and green cyclorama (26W x 20D x 10H) backdrops for seamless sets that are included in the commercial studio rental rates.  

Plus, our video production space rentals have access to loading docks to help load and off load any extra equipment, props, etc. along with our fully operational freight elevator which makes it easy and convenient for you to get set up quickly and efficiently and get to work to create your next piece of art.  

2. Amenities Are All Included – No Hidden Charges

Unlike most other video/film production location rentals Los Angeles that charge for additional items such as parking, lighting, equipment (which you probably don’t even find out about until you get there or are charged), AM Place studio offers a wide range of amenities that are included in the rate you see on our site.  

Now you may be thinking great, but what specific amenities does your video film studio space rental Los Angeles include?

Great question!  

AM Place studio offers the following amenities which again are all 100% included in your rate (so there’s no surprise hidden fees):

  • Free Complete Pre-Lighting

For motion pictures in our studio, we provide easy-to-use 15 Kino Flo lighting systems. Adjustable lighting and fine tuning is possible with our light fixtures, ensuring all images are sharp and crystal clear – exactly how you want it.

  • Free Parking

Our studio space for rent Los Angeles offers free parking right at the building with guaranteed security in our gated compound.  So you don’t have to worry about wasting time trying to find parking, walking far distances and hauling carload after carload of everything you need to make a quality piece of work, wondering if where you parked is a safe spot, parking tickets, etc.

  • 24-hour Convenient Access

Some clients prefer daytime, while others prefer evening/night time hours which is why we offer 24 hour access to our studio.  Our 24 hour access is definitely a must for those that are on a short deadline and have no choice but to work around the clock to get their production piece done in time.

  • Free, Fast Wi-Fi

Massive downloads, research, uploading of information and any other requirements that require a solid internet connection are all included.

  • Air Conditioning

In order to produce our best work, we need be comfortable!  This why we have installed air conditioners in our facility ensuring a comfortable, cool working environment for you.

What also sets AM Place apart from other studios, is our very affordable prices for the huge space and amenities that are all included. The price you pay for the amount of space and amenities you get is very cost effective, to say the least!  

Which leads us to our next point….

3. Affordable Prices

We guarantee pocket-friendly film/tv studio rental rates for our esteemed clients with no extra charges. With an array of rates from day rates, discounted rates, and night rates, we aim at meeting all your needs with our affordable costs. Our studio day rates start at $59 per hour and our night rates start at only $49 per hour.  

We even offer discounted rates starting at $49, so if you looking to rent out a studio space for part of the day, the remaining time has a discounted value.  Be sure to check out our calendar to get the exact rate for the day/time you’re looking to book the studio space to rent.  

The price you see on the calendar, is the price you pay.  At AM Place, we are as transparent as it gets and want you to know exactly all the value you are getting, for the exact mentioned costs, up front.

Now that you know exactly what gives AM Place film, video, tv studio for rent an edge in the market making it a top spot to create your next piece production masterpiece, it’s time to turn your masterpiece into a reality.  

Take the next step to be closer to accomplishing creating your unique, professional production masterpiece today in the most efficient and affordable way – by booking/securing your studio spot today on our site by clicking on the Book Now blue button on top.

The process is super easy, you’ll just need to check out the calendar on our site to book the date/time that works best for you (granted that it’s available which you’ll be able to see right away), then select the “confirm booking” button, fill out the form, follow the prompts and woila!  Just like that your production rental Los Angeles space is secure and you’ll be on your way to finishing your next production masterpiece in no time flat.

If you have any questions or want more information before booking about any of our film location rentals Los Angeles, contact us at (747) 223-2483 or fill out the contact form below, we are glad to help anyway possible.  

Cheers to finding and having the best production studio to quickly, effectively, and affordably to finish your next best production piece.

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