Terms & conditions



Grantor hereby grants to Renter a limited license (the “License”) to use the following space: 7684 Clybourn Ave, unit D, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (the “Space,”). The License permits Renter to use the Studio for the dates and hours specified in the booking, and only for the purposes set forth in this Agreement. Grantor hereby agrees to permit Renter to use the property in connection with a project listed in a booking form for rehearsing, photographing, filming and recording scenes and sounds for the Picture. Renter and its licensees, sponsors, assigns and successors may exhibit, advertise and promote the picture or any portion thereof, whether or not such uses con- tain audio and/or visual reproductions of the Studio and whether or not the Studio is identified, in any and all media which currently exist or which may exist in the future in all countries of the world and in perpetuity.



Renter shall have the right to bring crew/cast (up to 75 people) and equipment (includ- ing props and temporary sets) onto the Studio and to remove same after completion of its use of the Studio hereunder. Renter shall have access to both the Studio and freight elevator.



The permission granted hereunder shall be for listing in a booking form date and time. Renter shall have access to the location throughout the shoot.



For the duration of usage, the Renter shall pay Grantor an amount listed on the check out page for the studio space rental and any other services provided by Grantor to Renter.


1.4.1 Overtime:

Every hour after a listed amount of hours will be considered as overtime and should be paid by the hourly rate same as when booking the space.


1.4.2 Cleaning:

No cleaning fee will be charged if space is left in the condition you found it. In case we see that space was treated with disrespect a fee of $300 will be charged automatically.


1.4.3 Cancellation:

Cancellation within 14 or more days notices before the shoot date will entitle the renter to initiate a refund in full. Cancellation within 14 or fewer days notices before the shoot date will entitle renter to credit for the same number of days on another date. Cancella- tion with less than 7 days before shoot date will result in renter forfeiting payment equal the booking deposit.



Renter agrees that (with Grantor’s permission) if it becomes necessary to change, alter or rearrange the interior or exterior on the Space belonging to Grantor, Renter shall re- turn and restore said space to its original place and condition, or repair it, if necessary. Otherwise, penalty fees will be applied.



The Studio shall be provided as-is. Renter shall leave the Studio in the same condition as when Renter entered. Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Studio and equipment provided along with the Studio and shall be required to arrange for the repair of any such damage.



Grantor shall have the right to enter the Studio at any time for any reasonable purpose, including any emergency that may threaten damage to the property or injury to any per- son in or near the Studio.



Renter hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Grantor, its employees, officers, and di- rectors from any damages, actions, suits, claims, or other costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with any damage to any property or any injury caused to any person (including death) caused by Renter’s use of the Studio, Studio’s equipment or Additionally rent though Grantor equipment, including any acts or omissions on the part of Renter, its employees, officers, directors, independent contrac- tors, or other agents. Renter shall notify Grantor of any damage or injury of which it has knowledge in, too, or near the Studio, regardless of the cause of such damage or injury.



Renter shall provide Grantor with location general liability $1,000,000 insurance. If Renter doesn’t provide Grantor with location general liability and equipment insurance, Renter will be charged insurance fee which is revealed on the check out the page on the moment of booking that space.



Accepting this terms of service, Granter allows to automatically charge his card in case of any damage/loss and any overtime if applicable with no additional warning.



Additionally, rent equipment will be delivered with no delivery charge by the scheduled time to the Studio and will be picked up with no delivery charge from the Studio after the shoot is finished.
2.4 TERMS OF USE: Renter is allowed to use Additionally Rent through the Studio Equipment only on Studio premises only and must leave it in the Studio after the shoot is finished.



Renter is responsible for loss, damage or destruction of the Additionally Rent Equipment while on Studio premises, and while being used by Renter in any manner whatsoever. Renter is also responsible for the actual and verifiable loss of use and shall fully com- pensate Grantor for the loss of use of the Additionally Rent Equipment during the time it is being repaired or replaced, as applicable. The renter also shall be responsible for the replacement cost value or repair cost of the Additionally Rent Equipment (if the Equipment can be restored, by repair, to its pre-loss condition) whichever is less